Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What is in a song?

Plenty. I bought a CD and a christian bookstore (Northwestern Book & Bible) because it was $.99. It is called "Cheapskates Volume 2" The lyrics to one song are worth 1000 times what I paid for the CD. There are other great songs on the CD, but I only want to focus on that one.

The Artist is Ace Troubleshooter, the song is Yesterday. Here are the lyrics.

"I remember a different time
I remember a different me
When there was springtime in my heart
But it's winter
And I'm shivering with cynicism now
And I long for yesterday

Yesterday, a day of joy
A day of limitless possibilities
I remember a different boy
With love surrounding
Joy abounding, peace resounding
Where, oh where did that boy go?

What's wrong with me now, God?
My world is gray, so please help me out
I pray
Cuz I wanna live in yesterday

Take me back to a time of naivete
Neverending days
And no need to question things
Cuz I'm tired of staring out my window
Wishing I were someone I should be
I guess I remember a different me"

I love my wife, I love my kids, I am content with my life, but there are times when the world looks so gray. These lyrics hit the nail on the head.

Bruce Who?

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